Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


1 Kgs 17:17-24
Gal 1:11-14a, 15ac, 16a, 17, 19
Lk 7:11-17


The first word that comes to mind with the readings today is “journey.” In the First Reading, the prophet Elijah journeys to Zarephath and restores the life of a dying child of a widow.  In the Second Reading, Paul tells a story of his travels and of God’s revelation to him. Finally, in the Gospel, Luke recounts a story of Jesus that mirrors the First Reading, where Jesus journeys to Nain and resurrects the son of widow. These journeys are taken to a place away from their respective homes, but they are still able to encounter Christ.

Last fall, I journeyed on Semester at Sea, where unfortunately going to Mass regularly was next to impossible. Because of this, I was challenged to look for God in other places. Some of these included visiting churches in foreign cities, seeing God in the beauty of the ocean, and chatting weekly with a few friends from Founders’ Chapel up on deck 9. One experience that stands out to me was a pilgrimage I made to Medugorje, where it has been said that Mary appeared to four young children. The hike to the top of Apparition Hill was a silent spiritual encounter, where I journeyed alongside others from all over the world to a holy place. This spiritual experience reminded me that going to church is not the only way to experience God.

Similarly, in the summer, many of us journey away from our home at USD and the Founders’ Chapel community to places and communities across the country. Some of us are preparing for a semester abroad, and others are returning. For many of us, it can be difficult to grow and develop in our own faith lives when we are away from the vibrant and close community that we have at USD.  For me, I try to make time for daily pilgrimages, such as having an intentional conversation, laughing with a child, or watching the sunset. It is this way where I am reminded to pause on my journey, take a prayer, and look for God throughout each day.

-Molly Humphreys '17