About Us

The University Ministry team is enthusiastically interested in serving you during your time on campus. We hope you will explore the many options for spiritual growth already available -- as well as collaborate with us to respond to the emerging needs of our university community. Whatever form your USD involvement takes, we hope that your intellectual and social development will be complemented by your equally robust spiritual growth.

Each member of the USD community is invited to participate in the liturgies, immersion trips, service opportunities, retreats, and small faith communities facilitated by our Center. All of our programs are designed to empower students, staff, faculty, and alumni to:

  • build a faith community
  • develop a mature faith
  • educate and work for justice
  • nurture personal development
  • cultivate leadership for Church and society
  • form Christian conscience

In particular, we invite you to join us for one of the 7 or 9 pm Sunday evening Eucharistic liturgies in Founders Chapel. During these vibrant celebrations of our faith the campus community is renewed and refreshed for the on-going work of finding God in the midst of our study, work, and play. 

For more information on our center, please visit us in the Hahn University Center building, Room 238, or call (619) 260-4735.