Scholarship Opportunities

Students are encouraged to apply to as many scholarships as possible! We will be updating this page frequently, at least every first and third Thursday of the month. For information about a specific scholarship, please refer to the link and contact information in that posting.

If a link is broken or invalid, please let us know via email

Application Tips and Resources

  • Be mindful of deadlines and plan ahead! Many scholarships may require a letter of recommendation or transcript, which need to be asked for in a timely manner. 
  • Along with being mindful of the deadline, make sure you get your questions answered about the scholarship ahead of time as well. 
  • Have someone look over your essay and application ahead of time--make sure you are communicating the message you want the scholarship committee to receive with your application, and express why you are the best candidate for the award. Proofread!
  • Create a log to help you track information about different scholarships you are applying to, with information such as the requirements, documents needed (official transcript, letter of recommendation, etc.), how to submit it, and when you turned it in. 

Letter of Recommendation Tips from the College of Arts & Sciences


  • Military Connected Students
  • Active Duty & Veterans
  • Dependant Children
  • Annual & General Scholarships
  • Graduate School-Specific- Scholarships in previous categories that may be eligible for graduate school will be marked as well (*GS). Contact the scholarship committee directly to confirm. 
  • Military Connected Students
  • Active Duty and Veterans
  • Dependent Children