Microfinance Spotlight: Pilar

Pilar I have been in the Laughing Yoga business for over three years. It started as a hobby and turned into a business. I applied for the microfinance loan because I was recently called by a major spa in Cabo St. Lucas to conduct a training. I needed to have marketing materials for the trip to help my business grow. I used the loan to get business cards and brochures printed.

This is my third week coming to the microfinance meetings. Every week we have a raffle, where we all give away products or other things related to our business. I will do a raffle and give a free class as a prize. The meetings help us network with each other and spread the word about what we do.

Pilar' yoga class The next steps I would like to take for my business are getting my own space and getting a new business plan. I want to start training more people to teach Laughing Yoga, so more classes can be provided at schools, hospitals, prisons, and libraries. I held a class at a library in Chula Vista and over 40 people came. I have also been working with the blind and mentally disabled.

Having my own business makes me feel so good. You notice the change you make in other people when you see them laughing and happy. I see people learning to be joyful all the time, instead of searching for happiness. I want to focus on training to help this program spreadh because I see how important it is.