Microfinance Spotlight: Lourdes

LourdesAfter suffering a stroke my entire life changes. I was affected both physically and mentally. Once I began attending the microfinance group, I got some of my courage back and felt that I wanted to make a big change in my life. The meetings are a source of positive energy in my life and provided me with an outlet of supportive and understanding people.

I now own my own jewelry company that specializes in creating one of a kind fantasy pieces out of recycled materials. I used the microfinance loan to buy jewelry and materials for my company. I am able to sell my works at swap meets in imperial beach by the pier and at other locations. I am also at the G5 every Wednesday, so anyone can come to buy my handmade jewelry there. I go the G5 regularly, so now people know to look for me there and many people come to my booth. Each one of the jewels I create is unique and none of them are repeated, when people buy my jewlery, they are getting a one of a kind piece.

Lourdes' jewelryAlthough I have come a long way, I feel that I could still use some help in the marketing aspects of my company. One day I hope to advertise my products online and find ways to showcase the many different and unique styles of jewelry that I create. It is my hope that my business can transition to being fully run online.