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Microfinance Organizations

ACCION San Diego

The mission of ACCION San Diego is to help expand opportunities for low to moderate income men and women through the provision of small loans. Loans range in size from $300-$35,000 and are coupled with individualized business consulting services. ACCION offers very flexible qualifications for loan recipients, however it is required that entrepreneurs must live or work within San Diego County.

San Diego CDC Small Business Finance

CDC Loans offers both fixed-rate, low-down payment loans for the purchase of office and industrial buildings as well as a focused community loan program targeting women, minorities and veterans owning small businesses facing difficulty securing capital. CDC Loans champions its success to its ability to deliver unique capital “solutions” and strategizing with the client to assemble the most beneficial financing product. Loans range in size from $20,000-$500,000.

Foundation for Women Foundation for Women

Foundation for Women is a locally founded organization working to empower women through the provision of small loans. The microcredit program seeks to raise female entrepreneurs traditionally deemed “unbankable” to higher rungs on the economic ladder through loans ranging from $250-$1,000. The Foundation for Women follows a traditional group lending model and holds weekly meetings to instill more successful repayments.

Grameen Foundation

Grameen Foundation helps the world’s poorest, especially women, improve their lives and escape poverty through access to microfinance and technology. With a footprint in 36 nations, Grameen Foundation is able to identify local needs and share best practices and lessons learned to enhance and expand local programs that move women from poverty to financial self-sufficiency.

  • We build large scale, easy-to-replicate solutions to end the cycle of poverty in developing countries around the world.
  • We leverage the knowledge and expertise of local partners to create the most effective programs possible
  • We lead the industry in measuring impact and delivering results

IRC San Diego

IRC San Diego is a refugee resettlement agency dedicated to humanitarian relief around the world and working in the San Diego area to directly resettle displaced persons into the community. The microentreprise department at the San Diego office is one of two in the nation giving business loans to resettled refugees from across the world. Loans range in size from $2,000-$15,000 and offer flexible repayment terms.


Kiva's mission is to connect people, through lending, for the sake of alleviating poverty.

Kiva empowers individuals to lend to an entrepreneur across the globe. By combining microfinance with the internet, Kiva is creating a global community of people connected through lending.

Kiva was born of the following beliefs:

  • People are by nature generous, and will help others if given the opportunity to do so in a transparent, accountable way.
  • The poor are highly motivated and can be very successful when given an opportunity.
  • By connecting people we can create relationships beyond financial transactions, and build a global community expressing support and encouragement of one another.

Project Concern International

Project Concern International’s mission is to prevent disease, improve community health, andpromote sustainable development. Motivated by our concern for the world’s most vulnerable children, families, and communities, Project Concern International (PCI) envisions a world where abundant resources are shared, communities are able to provide for the health and well being of their members, and children and families can achieve lives of hope, good health, and self-sufficiency.

La Maestra

It is the mission of La Maestra to provide quality culturally and liguistically competent health care and educational programs to improve the overall wellbeing of families in need. La Maestra also extends small business loans of $250 to women entreprepreneurs in San Diego county to begin their microenterprises. The loans are administered using the group lending model.

Women’s Empowerment International

Women’s Empowerment International (WE) is a San Diego-based 501(c)(3) organization that partners with nonprofit microfinance organizations — banks for the poor – to provide modest loans and business services to women in Benin, Honduras, Mexico and San Diego so they can start or expand a business and help lift themselves and their families out of poverty. With over 700 members and supporters, WE’s distinguishing features are that it dedicates all donations entirely to programs; keeps in communication with the enterprising women it assists; reissues all repaid loans, and is volunteer-based.

Via International

Via International programs address the basic needs of communities by building the capacities of community members to become agents of positive change. The community members in turn create opportunities for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Via International has been working in the border region for over 28 years. Experience has shown us that successful community development must include and promote economic development and sustainability. As one of our program participants has stated: “I know what to feed my children, I need more income to provide for that.”

Community Development is a participatory process through which community members identify community needs and organize themselves to take the actions necessary to improve their qualityof life.

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Schools and Microfinance Clubs

Center For International Development -Point Loma Nazarene University

The Center for International Development at Point Loma Nazarene University exists to apply life-affirming business principles and practices to the complex challenges of global poverty. We place a particular emphasis on social enterprises that address areas of economic and social development. We provide students with resources and connections to engage in development projects abroad via internships, job opportunities, study abroad, and service trips. We assist students, faculty, and staff to attend and participate in conferences related to global poverty alleviation and social entrepreneurship.

Point Loma Nazarene University Microfinance Club

The club’s mission is to spread awareness about Microfinance and the impact it is making in alleviating poverty both locally and around the globe. The club plans to empower individuals so that they may actively participate in the development of this movement. The club seeks to:

  • To spread awareness through monthly discussions and readings
  • To bring in speakers from Microfinance organizations to give presentations/discussions with students
  • To connect students to the Microfinance realm through local volunteer opportunities as well as domestic and international internships
  • To establish a formal partnership with a current Microfinance organization
  • To host one main event each semester that will raise interest and awareness about Microfinance

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For more microfinance resources, visit the San Diego Microfinance Alliance's resource page.