Assessing Community Engagement

As part of USD’s strategy to better demonstrate student-learning outcomes, you are encouraged to consider using on of the following three methods for evaluating student reflection on their community engagement experience.

Community Service Learning Rubric

  • Reflection paper prompts
  • How do you connect what you are seeing the community with that you are learning in class? Please include two examples.
  • What do you (did you) hope to accomplish in the community through your work? What supported and what hindered accomplishing that goal?
  • What have you learned about your cultural heritage that is meaningful to you? The heritage of others?
  • View rubric for scoring PDF Icon
  • Student Learning Report PDF Icon

ABC123 Method

  • Created by Marshall Welch, ask students to write on Affect, Behavior, and Cognition and result in 9 points.
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ACC&U Rubrics

  • A more in-depth method is to use a set of rubrics that have been created for national use, and so have comparative values across institutions.
  • Integrated learning, civic engagement, intercultural knowledge, ethical reasoning.