Micaela Smith

Dr. Micaela Smith is the Research and Writing Associate for the Mulvaney Center at the University of San Diego. She will be publishing a special issue on USD service-learning methodology, praxis, and visions for what community engagement can become along with leading USD Immersion Scholars this Spring 2015. USD Immersion Scholars include Chris Nayve (Mulvaney Center), Dr. Mike Williams (Political Science), Dr. Esteban Del Rio (Communication Studies), Dr. Alberto Pulido (Ethnic Studies), John Loggins (Mulvaney Center),  Ilana Lopez (Mulvaney Center)  Maria Silva (Mulvaney Center), Dr. Kevin Guerrieri (Spanish), Dr. Sandra Sgoutas-Emch (Psychology), Dr. Judith Liu (Sociology), Dr. Michael Lovette-Colye (Theology and Religious Studies), Dr. Kira Espiritu (International Studies Abroad), and Dr. John Halaka (Visual Arts). 

Micaela received her Ph.D. (2012) in American Studies and Ethnicity from the University of Southern California. As an 18-month Mellon Dissertation Fellow, Micaela completed her dissertation while in residence at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa and participated in the Sawyer Seminar Series, “Race, Property, Poverty: The Paradoxes of Law and the Possibilities of Justice.” Micaela’s scholarly work examines race, marginality and Afro-Brazilian life in the context of state repression and a bourgeoning tourism economy in 1960s Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.  She has taught courses in African American Studies and American Studies. Micaela is committed to the advancement of research and practice of civic engagement, community-based research, and service-learning education and is thrilled to be joining this community of engaged leaders and social justice practitioners.