The Mulvaney Center Programs and Volunteer Opportunities

The Mulvaney Center - Programs & Volunteer Opportunities

Africa Programs (STAND)

Learn about the many issues that affect Africa by working to raise awareness among students, including the crises in Darfur, Kenya and the Congo, HIV/AIDS, and other health pandemics and issues. Engage yourself in the conversation by attending events, learning about political issues and participating in fundraisers and community outreach. Email for more information.

Color Your World

This program facilitates canvass mural painting opportunities with community students and organizations of all types and sizes. Murals engage students from varying backgrounds, ethnicities, ages and developmental levels to address group and individual concerns. You do not have to be an artist to do group murals. Email Alina Calva at for more information.

Cool Club

USD students bridge the gap between USD and the students with intellectual disabilities at Mesa Community College in the TRACE (Transition Resources for Adult Community Education) program. The goal of Cool Club is to show that, as college students, our similarities outweigh our differences. Volunteers engage with the TRACE students through various arts/crafts and sports activities. Cool Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:45 - 3:30 p.m. in UC 113. Transportation is provided. Email for more information.


Designed to serve as an outlet for creative expression, Elevated is a night of spoken word poetry that invites all to participate in an effort to challenge views and inspire minds. Spoken word addresses issues that people of all backgrounds face, and it is our goal to address some of these issues with open minds in an effort to work through these issues and push the boundaries of social thought. We attend this event every first and third Thursday of each month, leaving campus at about 8pm and arriving back at about 11:30pm. Email Kenyon Whitman at for more information or to RSVP. First time free!

Immigration/Migration Issues

Our proximity to the US/Mexican border allows a unique opportunity to engage more deeply in the issues of migration and immigration. Work with Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church to tutor migrants for an hour prior to mass to help them succeed in their new community. Email Maria Silva at for more information.

Jamaica Immersion Trip

Apply for the January Immersion Trip to Jamaica.
Applications Due October 1st!

Literacy Through Character

Literacy Through Character is a program where USD students can help juvenile youth practice literacy through discussion and writing activities at the local Kearny Mesa Juvenile Hall Facility. By discussing topics such as respect and goals, the youth can practice their critical thinking and discussion skills along with their writing capabilities. This program starts at the beginning of each semester and continues throughout the semester. Email usdjuvenilehall@gmail.comfor more information.

ReACT: Interactive Theatre

What if you could change the world one interaction at a time? ReACT: Interactive Theatre! Join us as we use performance, theatrics, and improv to not only spread awareness, but directly engage people about social and environmental issues and inspire them to become active participants in the movements toward sustainability and social justice. So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to start a chain ReACTION! Email for more information.

Sustainability/Fair Trade Task Force

The Sustainability/Fair Trade task force is dedicated to educating the USD community about sustainability issues that exist in our world and in our own communities. This task force recognizes that environmental and social issues are intertwined, and by working to improve the standard of living in less developed countries, it will benefit the environmental quality of the world. The Sustainability/ Fair Trade task force is dedicated not only to educating the community about these issues, but also providing opportunities to take direct action. There are bi-weekly meetings, every Wednesday (visit CASA's calendar to see the schedule). Email for more information.

Youth Programs

In partnership with local elementary, middle and high schools, CASA offers opportunities for college students to work with K-12 youth in the San Diego community. Email Ilana Lopez at for more information and/or visit:

The Mulvaney Center - Short-Term Volunteer Opportunities

Linda Vista Multi-Cultural Fair: Education Lane

The University of San Diego’s Center for Community Service-Learning is a proud sponsor of the Linda Vista Multi-Cultural Fair, held annually during the month of April. Many departments and center's at USD participate in the Fair and our office sponsors a booth for our collaborative Montgomery Intersession Academy program, to provide an opportunity for middle school students to teach their community on a variety of subjects (depending on the project worked on). For more information, email Ilana Lopez at for more information.

Service Trips to Tijuana

Have an international experience through one of the many partnerships USD has in Tijuana! Trips can address issues of poverty, immigration, cross-cultural understanding, and/or take advantage of the vibrant art and culture of the city. Email Maria Silva at for more information.

International Immersion Trip - Jamaica

Fundraise and travel to Duncans, Jamaica for community projects. Develop relationships with new Jamaican friends! Email John Loggins at for more information.

Fall Festival

An annual Mulvaney Center Halloween event. This event is intended to create a safe and fun trick-or-treat environment for the youth of Linda Vista. Email John Loggins at for more information.

Annual Social Issues Conference

Each year, this subcommittee organizes a Spring Social Issues conference with panel discussions that include such topics as sexual assault, sweatshops, mass media, and voices of migrant workers. Please visit the Social Issues Committee website for more information.


Join our AIDS walk team in Balboa Park! Email John Loggins at for more information.

San Diego Volunteer Opportunities

HandsOn San Diego

HandsOn San Diego’s mission is to strengthen our community through volunteer action and leadership development. HandsOn San Diego project calendar allows you to easily search and sign-up for volunteer projects at nonprofit organizations all over San Diego County. For access to these volunteer opportunities, please visit