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Center for Awareness, Service and Action (CASA)

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Watch our CASA is on the Move video and visit us in the 3rd floor of the SLP (320)!

Site Coordinator

All of our programs are student-led. For a snap shot on the role and responsibility of a Site Coordinator, click here (PDF).


CASA (Center for Awareness, Service and Action) increases awareness of the local and global community through expanding and enriching service learning opportunities. CASA promotes cultural awareness and social consciousness. We make a difference by providing outreach opportunities and making lasting connections between USD and the community. CASA believes in social justice and the promotion of basic human rights through education, service, and promoting inclusion.

Ways to Participate

CASA is a program within the Center for Community Service Learning engaging 3,000 of the 4,800 undergraduates in service annually. CASA supports students in various avenues for promoting community and working for social change. Our vision is global, recognizing that we can act in our immediate community, but that opportunities exist for international action as well. The following categories are ways students can participate at USD:

Direct Service

Direct service is an expression of our respect and concern for others. Some of our many service programs include: mentoring youth, learning about homeless issues, and tutoring adults whose first language is not English. Sign up to volunteer today.

Advocacy, Awareness, and Education

Advocacy gives voice to the need for changes in public policy and legislation to address injustices. College students become politically engaged through voting, lobbying, educating peers, and participating in public events or media campaigns. The Social Issues Committee combines the energy and talent of faculty, students, staff, administrators, and community members to expand awareness and facilitate action concerning pressing social issues. Heighten awareness and educate others through the Social Issues Committee.