Residential Life

Manchester Village

The Wisdom for the Real World program incorporates community building where residents include service into their living learning experience. Sophomore and Juniors have the option to participate in various service opportunities such as beach clean-ups, AIDS walk and food bank.

Seniors attend Volunteer San Diego trainings and choose from any opportunities VSD has available.

Residence Halls

Students are encouraged to participate in service with others in their hall.

RA Student Leadership Course

Goals of the seminar are: To develop leadership skills for effective community building in the residence halls.

Specific skill building areas include: communication skills, self-awareness, job competencies, balance, and conflict resolution.

Training in the following areas: diversity, student development theory, service opportunities, collaborative leadership, and ethics.

Workplace Literacy

Student and Staff volunteers tutor USD employees whose first language is not English. USD employees in turn can help teach their native language to the USD tutor. Employees attend bi-weekly classes at the English Language Academy as well as work one-on-one with their tutor.