University Seal

The university seal is the official, legal mark of the university, and it is vital that the seal be used with the utmost respect. The seal is reserved for use on official presidential or Board of Trustees correspondence.

University Word Mark

The graphic representation of the name University of San Diego is called the word mark. There are limited ways the word mark can be used. The word mark is reserved for use on narrow banners and pens or in other rare instances when the size of materials prevents the use of the official university master logo.

University Monogram

The monogram is designed to be used primarily for on-campus applications, including university signage, university vehicles or employee uniforms and clothing. The monogram may also be used on very specific pre-approved merchandise.

University Medallion

The medallion was created primarily for use on merchandise and promotional items, and is an alternative to the university seal for graphic design purposes. The medallion is appropriate for a wide range of merchandise and promotional items.

Proper Use of All University Marks and Logos

For information regarding how to properly use each of the university’s marks and logos, please refer to the Graphic Standards chapter of the brand manual, which can be downloaded from the USD Brand section of this Web site.

To request these marks, contact the
Department of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships.

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