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Mail Boxes

A student living on campus is assigned a mail box that he or she can keep for as long as they reside in on-campus housing. On-campus housing is limited to the Camino-Founders, Maher, Valley, Manchester Village and Vista residents (excludes the University and Presidio Terrace Apartments).

In order to insure prompt delivery of student mail and packages please be sure that mail is addressed in the following way:

Student's Name
5998 Alcala Park Unit (your box number here) 
San Diego, CA 92110 - (include the designated 4-digit number for your box number)

For Example:

Cheance Adair
5998 Alcala Park Unit 666 
San Diego, CA 92110- 2477

Please be sure to include the unit number on the same line as the street address and do not reference it as a box number or a PO number. Referring to it as a box or PO number will misdirect the piece to another facility and delay its delivery to the student. Zip+4 numbers coincide with your assigned unit number as follows:

Unit (Assigned Mail Box Number)
100-7999 92110- 2477
8000-8999 92110- 2478

Questions regarding this procedure may be directed to Cheance Adair, Systems Manager of the Mail Center.

Change of Address

If you move off campus, you must file an address change with the mail center. Forms are available at the service window. Be sure to include your old box number on your forwarding request. Mail will be forwarded for six months. Please be sure to make all necessary notifications to correspondents, including, but not limited to: Registrar of Voters, DMV, IRS, clubs and magazines, the bank, and your grandmother.

Mail Delivery

The staff at the mail center is required to sort first class and standard mail to over 1,500 faculty and staff and 2,000 residence students. We may receive up to 150 UPS/USPS packages a day. It is our goal to be sure that all the mail is sorted and all student packages are made available to students by 2:00 p.m. daily.

On heavy volume days (generally days following a three-day weekend or extensive holidays such as Christmas and New Year's), second and third class mail may be delayed by one or two days.

Students receiving parcels, overnight packages and other trackable mail will receive an email from us at their USD email account announcing the arrival of the item. Simply present your ID after receipt of the email at the service window to collect the item. For security reasons, friends may not pick up your mail or parcels from the service window.