Copley Library

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Library Quiet Policy

Copley Library is the University of San Diego’s center for study. As such, the library maintains an atmosphere that is appropriate for a university library and conducive to quiet, uninterrupted study.  Audible conversations and cell phone usage detract from such an atmosphere and are not permitted. Group study is permitted only in designated rooms allocated for this purpose. Groups may reserve space in such rooms by using our online group-study reservation system.

Quiet Areas

The Mother Hill Reading Room and its wings and all areas of the stacks are reserved for absolute quiet study. This means that no talking is permitted in these areas.

The main floor of Copley is divided into two zones:  one for absolute quiet study and the other for moderate talking. Zone 1 is intended for quiet study and Zone 2 for moderate talking. Moderate talking means that brief conversations in low tones are permitted in this zone. Extended conversations and loud talking are not appropriate in this zone and should be taken outside the library building. Please observe the signage designating such zones and remain attentive to the needs of those around you by abiding by the zone regulations. Please report any violations to the staff at the front desk.

Library patrons who persist in being loud or unruly after being repeatedly warned about their behavior will be removed from the library by campus police, and/or be held accountable to University authorities under item numbers two and eight of the Student Rules of Conduct: