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The primary purpose of USD PRIDE is to foster a campus environment of acceptance and inclusion of sexual and gender diversity through education, support, and social activities. In our first meetings this year PRIDE has DOUBLED in student registrations with an averaged 50 students per meeting and with 87 registered members and even more unregistered students participating in events. This makes USD PRIDE one of the largest student organizations on campus!

We are proud to have created a safe space on campus and we need your help to keep up our important work

USD Pride's Needs:

  • Informational pamphlets for PRIDE’s Desk: $500
  • Marketing: $750
  • Leadership Training: $1,250
  • Sponsor Students for travel to Conferences: $1,500
  • Lavender Graduation: $2,000
  • Bean Bags: $2,000
  • T Shirts: $3,500

Total Funding Goal: $11,500

Support PRIDE

Pride means standing up for something you believe in, and not being afraid to show it. Pride is a place where you can be yourself. PRIDE Student