Prayer is a major pillar in the season of Lent. Our Lenten prayer is about attentively listening to God who continues to speak in our hearts. In prayer we make time for God and thereby experience a more intimate communion with God. 

Our prayer is both an inward practice, as well as an outward expression. When our prayer becomes a meditation on the life of Jesus, it shapes us in His image and encourages us to live as He did. A life with and for others and a life connected to other parts of the globe and life of solidarity.

There are many ways to pray, but here are some suggestions during Lent:

  • Attend 7 or 9 p.m. Sunday Mass in Founders Chapel regularly
  • Commit to at least 10 minutes of prayer each day (in Founders Chapel or Immaculata, behind the IPJ, in Maher Rose Garden, or in your room)
  • Join a UM Small Group in your residence hall to reflect on your faith (Ask your RA or RM about where it meets)
  • Meet with a university minister to talk about your faith (UC238)