Lenten Commitments at USD

"I will be limiting my time on social media and will increase my time dedicated to prayer. I will do more actions that reflect the love of Christ, and try to live life simply."

"Give thanks for the many blessings in my life that I take for granted."

"Stop gaming on my phone and computer, use the time to read more about my faith."

"I want to show God's love more to those I encounter daily."

"Drinking more water and being more grateful for everyday that I am alive and well, and get to live in beautiful San Diego. Not feeling sorry for my quirks either!"

"Commitment to self-care, including cultivating more of my passions and interests, in order to better recognize the gifts and talents that God has given me."

"Stop drinking coffee and donating that money to my CRS rice bowl."

"I commit to more prayer, especially at times of great stress and busyness."

"More intentional conversations with friends and family."

"Deactivate my Facebook account and be more present."

"Serve weekly at a homeless shelter in San Diego."

"I am adding intentionality to my every day in order to share the love God has given me."