Another important spiritual practice is fasting. Fasting is the practice of giving up or refraining from for a certain period of time. The Church calls us to fast during the season of Lent because in doing so we can remove those things in our lives that get in the way of our relationship with God.

Fasting is ultimately about the desire to overcome selfishness. It helps us live our way into the logic of gift and love; fasting empowers us to look beyond our own wants in order to see others’ needs. In particular, fasting enables us to see more clearly and to experience more fully God in the faces of our sisters and brothers who are poor. 

There are many ways to fast, but here are some suggestions during Lent:

  • Disconnect from technology (phone and social media) and connect with friends and family

  • Try to live more simply in your daily life (use only what you need)

  • Enter into solidarity with others by building relationships and listening to others' stories