General Counsel

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Campus Community Policies

2.1 Introduction
2.2 General Institutional Policies
2.2.1 Equal Opportunity
2.2.2 Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment
2.2.3 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
2.2.4 Reasonable Accommodations for Disabled Persons
2.2.5 Policy Prohibiting Illegal, Dishonest or Fraudulent Conduct
2.2.6 Individual Conflicts of Interest
2.2.7 Record Retention Policy
2.2.8 Use of University Name, Symbols and Other Property
2.2.9 Diversity
2.2.10 Policy Governing Assembly on Campus
2.2.11 Policy on Consensual Relationships Between Employees and Students
2.2.12 Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
2.2.13 Policy on Safety of Minors in University Programs and Activities
2.2.14 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Interim Policy)
2.3 Health Related Policies
2.3.1 Alcohol and Drug Policy
2.3.2 Smoking and Tobacco-Free Policy
2.3.3 Immunizations and Screening Tests
2.3.4 Environmental Health and Safety
2.4 Campus Safety and Security Policies
2.4.1 Clery Act
2.4.2 Access to University Buildings, Facilities and Grounds
2.4.3 Timely Warning Policy
2.4.4 Missing Student Notification Policy
2.5 Information Technology Policies
2.5.1 Policy on Responsible Use of University Computing Resources
2.6 University Communications Policies
2.6.1 Contact with the Media and Media on Campus
2.6.2 Filming on University Property
2.6.3 Guest Speakers
2.6.4 Political Campaign Activities
2.7 Policies Governing Research
2.7.1 Policy For Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct Involving Externally-Funded Research
2.7.2 Protection of Human Subjects
2.7.3 Financial Conflicts of Interest in Externally Funded Research
2.8 Intellectual Property Policies
2.8.1 Intellectual Creativity
2.9 Risk Management Policies
2.9.1 Reserved
2.9.2 Reserved
2.9.3 Reserved
2.9.4 Reserved
2.9.5 Drug and Alcohol Testing for Motor Vehicle Operators
2.10 Purchasing and Financial Policies
2.10.1 Expense Reimbursement
2.10.2 Purchasing
2.10.3 Independent Contractors
2.10.4 University Revenue Handling
2.10.5 Contract Signature Authority and Review Policy
2.11 Miscellaneous Campus Community Policies
2.11.1 Animals on University Property