A JD: Not Just for Lawyers

Jared Leigh, ’16 (JD Candidate), is a current 3L student at USD School of Law. A Boston College undergraduate, Leigh has aspirations of one day becoming a National Football League agent. Once he learned he needed a graduate degree in order to become an agent, he decided a JD would be the best path for him. He came to San Diego because, he says, “San Diego is the epitome of a perfect city for law school.” And, because “USD is gorgeous,” his choice was easy.

When speaking of his experience at USD, one aspect that stands out about others is the collaborative and collegial environment USD Law offers, both to relationships with fellow classmates and with the administration.

Leigh says he has found law school to be a “balancing act.” Though students are ultimately competing against each other, they also want to make friends. “You hear horror stories about other law schools and students ripping pages out of each other’s books – USD is not like that.”

Leigh has also found support from the law school’s administration – specifically with the Office of Career and Professional Development (OCPD). In recognizing that his track in law school is different than the traditional one, Leigh says that counselors at OCPD have always been supportive. “They really pushed me toward the path I wanted rather than trying to veer me away from it.”

Moreover, Leigh adds that OCPD also offers resources that he feels more students should take advantage of. “Law students don’t always recognize that they need to learn to network and to interview, and that they need to meet people in order to make themselves well-rounded professionals. Career and Professional Development offers tools to help you do that.”

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Jared Leigh