Our Part-Time Program: Best of Both Worlds

Christopher Hines, ’18 (JD Candidate), is a current part-time student at USD School of Law and also an employee of the university. Being a part-time student allows Hines to have a full-time job during the day and take law school classes at night. This program lets him graduate in four, rather than the typical three, years.

Hines became particularly interested in law while working for an art gallery in La Jolla and learning the ways in which the legal and art worlds collide. Once he knew he wanted to apply to law school and stay in San Diego, he knew USD School of Law was the only choice. “If I’m going to law school in San Diego – I’m going to USD Law or I’m not going,” he says. With the goal of someday being an entertainment lawyer who can focus on his passion for art, Hines tributes Professor Lazerow’s art class as among his favorites.

Hines says the collaborative environment at USD, especially in the part-time program, is one of the defining elements that makes USD stand out above other law schools. In the part-time program, he’s found friends who help rather than compete with him, and evening professors who are understanding of his schedule and do their best to accommodate, whether it’s by video recording classes or being available by email outside their office hours.

Hines also chose USD due to the “prestige of the institution” and the caliber of students here, especially when he considers that most of his part-time classmates, like him, hold full-time jobs. Though students at USD have impressive backgrounds, he is amazed by the camaraderie USD students have. “While the competition is there, it’s not overbearing.”

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Christopher Hines