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LWYP578 Public International Law-Paris (Barry Carter, David Koplow)

3 credit(s)
Concentration(s): International Law (JD), Study Abroad (JD), International Law (LLMC), LLM in International Law (LLMI)

This course examine the nature and sources of international law and major developments in the international legal system. We consider such topics as treaties, executive agreements and customary international law; the recognition of states and governments; jurisdiction over disputes with international elements and foreign sovereign immunity; various methods for international dispute resolution, especially courts and international arbitration; the role of international law in the U.S. legal system and the allocation of foreign affairs powers between the President and the Congress; the roles and operations of the United Nations and other international and regional entities, such as the European Union, the World Trade Organization, and NAFTA; how the international system protects (or fails to protect) human rights and the environment; and the use of force against other countries, rebellions or terrorist groups. The final exam will be held on 8/3/2013. (Program dates: July 1-August 3, 2013)
Note: Class meets M,T,W,TH & F - 10:45-12:20pm


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