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LWYP550 International Internet and Intellectual Property Law - Paris (Hon. M. Margaret McKeown, Hon. Michael Hawkins)

3 credit(s)
Concentration(s): Study Abroad (JD)

A survey of international intellectual property through the lens of the Internet, this course deals with the intersection of traditional intellectual property law and the Internet, an inherently borderless medium. The survey includes emerging copyright and trademark issues in the U.S. and other jurisdictions (especially the European Union), and key international treaties, such as the Madrid Protocol and the Paris Convention, along with the WTO’s Trade Related Intellectual Property Standards. The course considers such topics as the regulation of the Internet, personal jurisdiction challenges in an Internet world, speech and content regulation under different legal systems adhering to radically different notions of what is appropriate, the liability of Internet Service Providers, privacy protection, criminal law, social networking in the international context, and special problems in trademark, trade secret and copyright law, such as third party liability, internet domain names, famous names, parody, counterfeit goods, and dispute resolution. Final exam: 8/2/2013 (Program dates: July 1-August 3, 2013)

Note: Class meets M,T,W,TH & F - 9:00-10:35am


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