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LWYB544 International Criminal Law-Barcelona (Julie O'Sullivan)

2 credit(s)
Concentration(s): Study Abroad (JD)

International criminal law includes both the application of a nation's criminal law to conduct committed abroad, and the body of law governing international crimes (such as genocide). We will touch on the former, but focus primarily on the latter. The course has four aims: (1) to introduce students to (or refresh them regarding) basic international law concepts (i.e., customary and conventional law, theories of transnational jurisdiction, the role of international law in domestic courts); (2) likewise, to introduce students to basic concepts of criminal liability and study their applicability in the international context (e.g., the purposes of punishment, the principle of legality, mens rea, command and accomplice liability, defenses); (3) to examine the law governing international crimes against human rights – for example, genocide, crimes against humanity, torture – and the international tribunals that apply it (e.g., Nuremberg, former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, and the International Criminal Court); and (4) to consider whether criminal prosecution is the best way to address the aftermath of war and atrocity, or whether alternative means such as Truth and Reconciliation Commissions may be a better way to promote both justice and peace at least in some contexts. Final Exam: 6/21/13 (Program dates: May 27-June 21, 2013)
Note: Class meets M,T,W,TH & F - 9:30-11:00am


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