Student Bar Association (SBA)

All law students are members of the Student Bar Association (SBA). The SBA is the student government of the School of Law and members of its council consist of the president, day and evening vice-presidents, secretary, treasurer, elected representatives from each class year and registered student groups. First-year representatives are elected at the beginning of the fall semester, one representative per section.

SBA members act as the official student representatives and advocate for student interests on many different issues. The SBA is responsible for appointing student representatives to the various law school and university committees. These include the curriculum, student-faculty relations, academic rules and university budget committees. The SBA also appoints a representative to the university senate and the executive board of the School of Law Alumni Association.

The main goal of the SBA is to represent and serve the student body. To that end, it must determine what university events and issues affect law students, ensure that law students are represented on those issues, and advocate their interests.

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Lauren Stockunas, President


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Warren Hall, The Writs
Room 114F
(619) 260-2392