Reserving a Room

Rooms may only be reserved for legitimate student organization events. To reserve a room or meeting space in any room on campus, you must submit a request at least 72 business hours in advance of the event. If your event requires more set-up and furniture, you must submit your request at least a week in advance. If your event involves alcohol, an Alcohol Request Form must be submitted 14 days before the event. 

Please refer to Tips for Planning an Event for more information.

  1. Check all calendars for any potential conflicts
  2. Gather all event details such as:
    • Event name, date, and time.
    • Equipment needs such as projector, screen, tables, etc. (all equipment is subject to availability).
  3. Login to Virtual EMS using your MySanDiego credentials. Only student organization officers have access to to the reservation system. If you require access or are having trouble accessing the system, please email Irene Meloney.
    • Law student organizations do not need to submit an Event Registration (EvR). However, undergraduate and graduate student organizations do need to submit an EvR before requesting a room.
  4. Check to see which rooms are available on your date and time. Hover over "Browse" in the top left corner, and click on "Space Availability." Then click on "Filter" in the top right corner of the table. Select your date and building, then click "Apply."
  5. Once you have determined that a room is available, you may request a room. Hover over "Reservations" at the top and click on "Event Space Request."
  6. On the left, indicate your date, time, building, approximate attendance, and set-up type. Then click "Find Space."
    • The following rooms may not be reserved by student organizations: Warren Hall rooms 113, 126, and 203F.
  7. Select the room you would like to request by clicking on the green plus sign to the left of the room. Then click the yellow "Continue" button at the bottom.
  8. Provide all event details in the form. It is important to give as much specific information as possible.
    • Event Name: Be specific with your event name.
    • Event Type: Select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu.
    • Group Details: Select which student organization is hosting the event and select the contact names from the drop-down menus. Include the contact's phone number and email.
    • Other Information:
      • Indicate whether alcohol will be served at the event. If yes, be sure to turn in an Alcohol Request Form at least 14 days before the event.
      • Include a brief description of the event. You must also provide the names of all guest speakers.
    • A/V: Indicate whether you have any specific audio/visual needs.
    • Furniture: Indicate whether you need additional furniture.
    • Service Provider- Catering: Indicate whether you need USD Catering for your event.
    • Service Provider- Parking: If you need parking for your guest speaker or program attendees, please indicate so here.
    • Service Provider- Trams: If you need a tram for your event, you may request one here.
  9. Click "Submit." You will then see a summary of your reservation request and receive an email with the request details.

You will receive a room reservation confirmation email with your reservation details. Read the confirmation email in full. It will contain important information about your reservation.

If you need to view, cancel or edit your room reservation, you may do so through Virtual EMS. Login to Virtual EMS, hover over "Reservations" and click on "View my Requests." Click on the reservation if you wish to view, cancel or edit it. To cancel the reservation, click on the red "X" under "Actions." If you wish to edit the reservation, click on the pencil/paper icon under "Actions."

Other important steps to follow:

  • Do not advertise events until you have received a confirmation of reserved space.
  • Law student groups who wish to serve alcoholic beverages must fill out an Alcohol Request Form. This form must be signed by the organization's faculty advisor, and brought to Director for Law Student Affairs Irene Meloney for approval. This form must be submitted to Irene Meloney at least 14 days before the event date. Space reservations will not be confirmed until alcohol approval is received.
  • Undergraduate student group events must be registered and approved by the Student Leadership Involvement Center (SLIC). View the SLIC registration forms.
  • Graduate student group events must submit an Event Registration form before reserving a room.
  • If there are any updates or change to your event, you must email the event scheduling staff.
  • Before marketing your event, please review and follow the School of Law's posting policy. All student organization events may be submitted to be included in Sidebar.
  • Report any maintenance or janitorial issues.

For questions about room reservations, please contact Trang Pham, (619) 260-4208, Guadalupe Hall room 202b. To report problems with reserved space, contact the law school facilities department, (619) 260-4586.


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