USD Law Students Maryam Rastegar and Amy Rothermel Interviewed on U-T TV About Summer Internship Case

San Diego (October 21, 2013) – If you’ve ever watched “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” you have some idea of the wild and wooly way bounty hunters operate. USD law students Maryam Rastegar, ’15 (JD), and Amy Rothermel, ’15 (JD), worked last summer for an attorney representing a woman whose home was invaded twice by bounty hunters looking for a fugitive who had been an acquaintance of hers. One of the invasions occurred at midnight, terrifying the client’s 7-year-old daughter.

Rothermel had interned before law school for a small firm, and her former boss said he had an interesting case she might want to work on. Because the case was a difficult one, Rothermel invited friend Maryam from her first-year law school section to join her.

The case is complex and ongoing. The City of Hawthorne charged their client with resisting a police officer and assault and battery. Their client is suing the City of Hawthorne and the bounty hunters for false imprisonment, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Rothermel, Rastegar and their boss were interviewed live on television about the case on by Roger Hedgecock of U-T TV.

“We had no chance to do a trial run,” recalls Rastegar. “We were just told not to look directly at the camera but only at Roger.”

On the show the two USD law students spoke about how fortunate they were to be working on such a potentially important case representing a woman with very few resources.

“We feel privileged to have this experience,” said Rastegar. “This is why we came to law school.”

Back in law school, Rothermel is a member of the Appellate Moot Court Associate Board and working as a Legal Writing and Research teacher’s assistant.

“After this summer, I’ve become really interested in pursuing a career in criminal law,” she said, “and I’ll be clerking at the AG’s office.”

Rastegar’s interests lie in representing children. She’ll be working as a family law intern with the Superior Court and volunteering with Advocates for Children in Education in a program to help juvenile offenders.

Maryam Rastegar ’15 (JD) and Amy Rothermel ’15 (JD)

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