Study Skills Workshops

Study Skills Workshops are sessions designed to help first year students develop the skills necessary to succeed in law school.  Students are encouraged to bring questions for their fellows to the sessions.

If you have questions regarding the workshops, please email or call (619) 260-4793.

Workshop #1

Organizing the Chaos: Revisiting Note-Taking, Synthesis, and Time Management

This section-specific workshop builds on the skills introduced during orientation, including note-taking, synthesis, and time management.  Most importantly, this workshop provides helpful pointers for taking excellent reading and class notes, as well as further demystifying the process of synthesis.  The workshop will also address common issues first year law students face when trying to manage their time.


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Workshop #2

Outlining for Exam Success

This section-specific workshop introduces effective and efficient outlining. Topics include: 1) when to begin outlining and why you should not begin the first week of class and 2) what information to include/exclude from your outline.


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Workshop #3

IRAC, Multiple-choice, and You (Exam Strategies & Techniques)

You’ve outlined, done practice exams or midterms, and still want to know more about IRAC and how to prepare for multiple-choice and other exam formats.  Learn skills & techniques to improve your law school exam performance.  You will leave this workshop feeling prepared to organize and attack any law school exam.


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