Academic Success Resource Center

Available to all students, the Academic Success Resource Center (ASRC) offers free use of popular supplements for a variety of first year, upper-division, and bar preparation courses. 

What type of supplements are available?

There are a variety of subjects and titles currently in the ASRC inventory, and our collection is always growing based on book donations from students who have benefited from using the supplement resources in the past. If you are no longer using a book from a previous class, please consider donating it to our office to benefit future generations of law students. 

First year subjects include: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Property, and Torts. 

Upper-division subjects include: Administrative Law, Corporations, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Professional Responsibility, Remedies, and many others.

General Office Recommendations:

  • Examples & Explanations
  • Siegel's
  • LexusNexus Q&A
  • CrunchTime
  • Understanding...

What is the checkout procedure?

Self-Checkout Instructions

  1. Make sure you have a Self-Checkout Agreement on file with the office of Academic Success & Bar Programs.  Agreements are available in the Academic Success Resource Center (Warren Hall 206B).  Prior to checking out material, sign, date, and submit to the ASBP Coordinator at the reception desk in Warren Hall room 206.  Please leave your signed agreement in the labeled inbox atop the Coordinator’s desk if she is unavailable.
  2. Find the study aid(s) you want and note the corresponding ID number(s) (maximum of three items may be checked out at any given time).
  3. Fill out all fields of the Academic Success Resource Self-Checkout Form located in the binder on one of the study tables.
  4. Return the study aid(s) within THREE DAYS.  If you check out a study aid on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, they are due the following Monday morning.
  5. The Academic Success Resource Center works on the honor system, so please follow all rules to ensure your fellow students have access to the available resources.
  6. Please return the study aid(s) to the designated clear plastic container and cross out your name on the Self-Checkout Form.

Return Instructions

Please do not reshelve books yourself.

  1. Find and cross out your name for all the items you return in the self-checkout list (blue binder).
  2. Place all return items in the plastic bin; do not reshelve.
  3. Do not re-checkout returned items for at least 24 hours to allow others access to the items.

What if the ASRC doesn't have a supplement you are looking for?

If another student has already checked out the book you are looking for, or if we don't yet have a copy of your book, there is another place to find free access to study aids. The Pardee Legal Research Center (PLRC) has a subscription to West Academic Study Aids, which gives students access to hundreds of helpful supplements available in digital versions online through the law library.  Be sure to click on "Law School Study Aids."

The following series' are available online:

  • Acing
  • Black Letter
  • Career Guides
  • Concise Hornbook
  • Flash Cards
  • Exam Pro
  • Gilbert Law Dictionary and Summaries
  • Legalines
  • Nutshell
  • Quick Review
  • Short & Happy Guides
  • ... and many others.

Students can also check out the PLRC Reserve Collection for hard copy supplements (that may not be available online) that can be checked out using their system.  Please note: checkout times may vary for these resources.


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