Roundtable Discussion on Public Reason

Date and Time:

Friday, February 13, 2015 – Saturday, February 14, 2015


Warren Hall Faculty Reading Room




The University of San Diego School of Law's Institute for Law and Philosophy and Institute for Law and Religion is holding a roundtable discussion on public reason focusing on topics such as: What is the scope and structure of public reason? Is it possible for public reasoning to avoid full-blown claims to truth, as some defenders require? Is it permissible within public reason discourse to appeal to religious values or the religious foundations of one's values? What is the connection between political legitimacy and the requirement of public reason discourse?

Confirmed Participants

  • Chris Eberle, United States Naval Academy
  • David Enoch, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Gerald Gaus, University of Arizona
  • Patrick Neal, University of Vermont
  • Jonathan Quong, University of Southern California
  • Micah Schwartzman, University of Virginia
  • Kevin Vallier, Bowling Green State University
  • Paul Weithman, University of Notre Dame


Institute for Law & Philosophy

Institute for Law & Philosophy


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