Information About the Automated Waitlist

What is an automated waitlist?

When the maximum numbers of seats in a course are filled, the course becomes closed and students who then wish to add the course may add themselves to the waitlist. Your position on the waitlist depends completely upon when you added yourself to the list. The first person who signs up for the waitlist is the first person offered an opening.

Is there a limit to the waitlist size?

Yes. The waitlist for law classes is set at approximately 25% of the course enrollment limit.

I am registered for the waitlist. What happens now?

When a space becomes available in the course, an automatic notice instructing you to add the course will be sent to your USD email account ( Please be aware that you may receive this notification over the weekend, on a holiday, or at some point in the summer. It is your responsibility to add yourself to the course within 24 hours of the email notification. If you miss the notice and do not add yourself to the course, you will lose your place on the waitlist.You have 24 hours from the time of email notification to register for the section. If you do not register in that time period, you are dropped from the waitlist and the next person on the waitlist is offered the open seat.

Should I attend the classes I am waitlisted for?

It is a good idea to attend a class you are on the waitlist for so that you are not behind in the course. However, please note that attending a class you are waitlisted for will not increase your chances of getting into the class. Also, please be aware that a professor cannot enroll students who are on the waitlist, add students to the waitlist, or increase the size of the waitlist.

I am no longer interested in a class I am on the waitlist for. Does it matter if I stay on the waitlist?

In consideration of other students on the waitlist, please remove yourself from the waitlist once you are no longer interested in the course.

Where can I find out more?

A more detailed explanation of the automated waitlist is available in the Waitlist Procedure for Students (pdf). If you have additional questions about the waitlist, you may contact the Office of Records and Registrar.

Online Registration Support

If you are experiencing technical difficulty please contact the ITS Help Desk via email at, or by phone at (619) 260–7900. If you are experiencing issues with pre–requisites or other non–technical registration matters, please contact the Office of the Law School Registrar via email at, or by phone at (619) 260-4526.


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