Reserved Seats FAQ

Q. What are reserved seats?

A. They are places that are set aside to assure that there is room for a particular group of students.

Q. Who are the seats reserved for?

A. Most of the time, they are reserved for LLM students, many of whom will be new and won’t be able to register until a few weeks before school starts.

Q. What does "Reserved: LG" mean?

A. "Reserved: LG" means reserved for students in the LLM programs in general.

Q. What does "Reserved: JD LWCO" mean?

A. "Reserved: JD LWCO" means reserved for students in the LLM in Comparative Law program.

Q. If all of the reserved seats for my group in a class are filled, can I get on a waitlist for the course?

A. Not until after reserved seats are released. In the meantime, you will have to keep checking the course to see if someone has dropped a reserved seat.

Q. When will reserved seats be released?

A. Reserved seats for all courses are released sometime during the week before the start of the semester.

Q. What happens when reserved seats are released?

A. Seats are no longer reserved when they are released. Spaces open up when unfilled reserved seats are released. If there is a waiting list for the course, any opening is made available to students already on the waitlist. All eligible students may waitlist themselves online, if there is room on the waitlist.


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