​How to Register

Rules Governing Course Registration

Limits on Enrollment for JD Students

Full-Time Division

  • 16 credit maximum per semester, including non-law classes
  • 20 hours per week of employment maximum per semester

Part-Time Division

  • 11 credit maximum per semester

JD Degree Limitations for Students Who Entered Fall 2009 and Thereafter

  • Non-Law Credits:No more than 6 total non-law credits earned over all combined semesters may count towards your degree.
  • Supervised Independent Research Credits: No more than 2 Independent Supervised Research credits earned over all combined semesters may count toward your degree.
  • Journal, Moot Court, and Independent Supervised Research Credits:No more than 6 total Journal, Moot Court, and Independent Supervised Research credits earned over all combined semesters may count toward your degree.
  • Limits on Pass/Fail (PF/HPLF) credits:
    • For students who entered fall 2009 and fall 2010, no more than 18 total pass/fail (PF/HPLF) credits (15 beyond the first year) earned over all combined semesters may count towards your degree.
    • For students who entered fall 2011 and fall 2012, no more than 16 total pass/fail (PF/HPLF) credits (15 beyond the first year) earned over all combined semesters may count towards your degree.
    • For students who entered fall 2013, no more than 16 total pass/fail (PF/HPLF) credits (16 beyond the first year) earned over all combined semesters may count towards your degree
    • List of all courses graded PF/HPLF

Limits on Enrollment for LLM Students

LLM students need signature approval on their registration form from Graduate and International Programs to register in excess of 13 units.

Year-Long Courses

  • Appellate Clinic
  • Public Interest Law and Practice
  • Law Journal Comments and Board

Having enrolled in the fall section will automatically enroll you in the spring section as well. You must complete both semesters in order to receive credit and you will be graded only at the conclusion of the spring semester. A midterm examination in Public Interest Law and Practice will be administered in December, but that grade will not appear on grade reports or transcripts.

Registration for Advanced Tax Courses

JD Enrollment in Advanced Tax Courses

  • New and returning LLM students have priority enrollment in all advanced tax courses.
  • JD students who have satisfied the course prerequisites can add advanced tax courses using on-line registrations system.

Advance Standing Credit toward LLM in Taxation

USD law students are eligible to apply up to 12 of the 24 required credits of USD advanced tax courses (excludes Tax I) taken as a JD student to the LLM in Taxation degree.

Academic Advising

If you have not done so already, please visit Graduate and International Programs to learn more about the remarkable opportunity to take 24 LLM in Taxation credits for the price of 12 credits, and receive an LLM in Taxation in just one additional semester. Academic advising is available through our office for all JD students interested in pursuing this option.

If you have any questions about the registration process for advanced tax courses, please contact Robynn Allveri, Assistant Director, via email at rallveri@sandiego.edu or by phone at (619) 260-7683.

Registration Instructions for BANNER XE

Below is a quick set of instructions to make the process of web registration easier using the BANNER student system.

  1. Log into the MySanDiego portal with your normal USD username and password.
  2. Hover over "Torero Hub" and select the Law Student page.
  3. Scroll down to the Registration Tools area. Click New Add/Drop Registration and choose Register for Classes.
  4. Please see the tutorial for Banner XE Registration (PDF)
  5. Please note, BANNER will prevent you from ever dropping your last class. If you wish to drop your last class it will have to be done in the Registrar's Office.

Reserved Seats FAQ

Q. What are reserved seats?
A. They are places that are set aside to assure that there is room for a particular group of students.

Q. Who are the seats reserved for?
A. Most of the time, they are reserved for LLM students, many of whom will be new and won't be able to register until a few weeks before school starts.

Q. What does "Reserved: LG" mean?
A. "Reserved: LG" means reserved for students in the LLM programs in general.

Q. What does "Reserved: JD LWCO" mean?
A. "Reserved: JD LWCO" means reserved for students in the LLM in Comparative Law program.

Q. If all of the reserved seats for my group in a class are filled, can I get on a waitlist for the course?
A. Not until after reserved seats are released. In the meantime, you will have to keep checking the course to see if someone has dropped a reserved seat.

Q. When will reserved seats be released?
A. Reserved seats for all courses are released sometime during the week before the start of the semester.

Q. What happens when reserved seats are released?
A. Seats are no longer reserved when they are released. Spaces open up when unfilled reserved seats are released. If there is a waiting list for the course, any opening is made available to students already on the waitlist. All eligible students may waitlist themselves online, if there is room on the waitlist.

Information About the Automated Waitlist

What is an automated waitlist?
When the maximum numbers of seats in a course are filled, the course becomes closed and students who then wish to add the course may add themselves to the waitlist. Your position on the waitlist depends completely upon when you added yourself to the list. The first person who signs up for the waitlist is the first person offered an opening.

Is there a limit to the waitlist size?
Yes. The waitlist for law classes is set at approximately 25% of the course enrollment limit.

I am registered for the waitlist. What happens now?
When a space becomes available in the course, an automatic notice instructing you to add the course will be sent to your USD email account (name@sandiego.edu). Please be aware that you may receive this notification over the weekend, on a holiday, or at some point in the summer. It is your responsibility to add yourself to the course within 24 hours of the email notification. If you miss the notice and do not add yourself to the course, you will lose your place on the waitlist. You have 24 hours from the time of email notification to register for the section. If you do not register in that time period, you are dropped from the waitlist and the next person on the waitlist is offered the open seat.

Should I attend the classes I am waitlisted for?
It is a good idea to attend a class you are on the waitlist for so that you are not behind in the course. However, please note that attending a class you are waitlisted for will not increase your chances of getting into the class. Also, please be aware that a professor cannot enroll students who are on the waitlist, add students to the waitlist, or increase the size of the waitlist.

I am no longer interested in a class I am on the waitlist for. Does it matter if I stay on the waitlist?
In consideration of other students on the waitlist, please remove yourself from the waitlist once you are no longer interested in the course.

Where can I find out more?
A more detailed explanation of the automated waitlist is available in the Waitlist Procedure for Students (pdf). If you have additional questions about the waitlist, you may contact the Office of Records and Registrar.

Online Registration Support

If you are experiencing technical difficulty, please contact:
(619) 260-7900

If you are experiencing issues with pre-requisites or other non-technical registration matters, please contact:
(619) 260-4526