Fall 2016 Scheduled Exams

If you do not find your course’s exam on the below calendar, please consult the course description or your professor for more information.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Time Number Course Professor Location
08:30 am LWCR530 01A Death Penalty Cotsirilos TBD
08:30 am LWGC525 01A Insurance Law Kelly TBD
01:30 pm LWAA539 01A International Taxation Lilly TBD
01:30 pm LWAA590 01A Tax I Abrams TBD
06:00 pm LWBC545 01E Corporations Partnoy TBD
06:00 pm LWPP540 01E Energy Law and Policy Downey/Tierney TBD
06:00 pm LWAA590 01E Tax I Barry TBD

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Time Number Course Professor Location
08:30 am LWTE530 01A Federal Estate and Gift Taxation Fleischer TBD
08:30 am LWLP560 01A Negotiation Relyea TBD
01:30 pm LWBC570 01A Mergers and Acquisitions Smith TBD
01:30 pm LWBC594 01A UCC: Secured Transactions Lawrence TBD
06:00 pm LWFC554 01 Community Property Lilly tbd
06:00 pm LWIP570 01 Patent Law Reisman/Stout TBD
06:00 pm LWAA580 01E Professional Responsibility Brennan TBD

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Time Number Course Professor Location
01:30 pm LWPP525 01 Constitutional Law II Ramsey TBD
01:30 pm LWFC530 01 Education Law Read TBD
01:30 pm LWPI570 01A Public Interest Law & Practice Fellmeth TBD
06:00 pm LWTE560 01E Corporate Tax Abrams TBD

Friday, December 9, 2016

Time Number Course Professor Location
08:30 am FWLC520 01A Child Rights And Remedies Fellmeth TBD
08:30 am LWBC530 01A Corporate Finanace Barry TBD
08:30 am LWAA590 01 Trusts & Estates Hirsch TBD

Monday, December 12, 2016

Time Number Course Professor Location
08:30 am LWIC537 01A International Contracts Lazerow TBD
08:30 am LWLP545 01 Labor Law Paul TBD
08:30 am LWTE575 01A Taxation of Property Transactions Jelsma TBD
01:30 pm LWBC510 01A Bankruptcy Wiggins TBD
01:30 pm LWLP529 01A Evidence Devitt TBD
01:30 pm LWBC592 01A UCC: Sales and Leases Lawrence TBD
06:00 pm LWBC555 01E Finance and Accounting for Law Brinig TBD
06:00 pm LWIC515 01E Public International Law Schwarzschild TBD

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Time Number Course Professor Location
08:30 am LWAA540 01A Torts McGowan TBD
08:30 am LWAA540 01B Torts Smith TBD
01:30 pm LWPP553 01 Election Law Maienschein TBD
01:30 pm LWLP570 01A Remedies Heriot TBD
06:00 pm LWAA550 01E Civil Procedure Henning TBD
06:00 pm LWEV560 01 Land Use Regulation Duane TBD

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Time Number Course Professor Location
08:30 am LWPP537 01A Employment Law Lobel TBD
08:30 am LWAA580 01A Professional Responsibility McGowan TBD
01:30 pm LWPP510 01A Administrative Law Rappaport TBD
01:30 pm LWLP529 01B Evidence Cole TBD
01:30 pm LWIP580 01A Trademark Law Ramsey TBD
06:00 pm LWTE574 01 Tax Practices and Penalties Shamoun TBD

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Time Number Course Professor Location
08:30 am LWBC545 01A Corporations Dallas TBD
08:30 am LWCR520 01A Criminal Procedure I Dripps TBD
08:30 am LWIP550 01A Intellectual Property Survey Ramsey TBD
08:30 am LWTE562 01 Non-Profit Law Fleischer TBD
06:00 pm LWCR520 01E Criminal Procedure I Huffman TBD
06:00 pm LWTE535 01 Federal Tax Procedure Crosby/Gidlund TBD


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