Fall 2015 Scheduled Exams

If you do not find your course’s exam on the below calendar, please consult the course description or your professor for more information.

Take-Home Final Exams

Number Course Professor Parameters
LWIP-570 01 Patent Law Sichelman 6 hours; to be taken anytime during the standard final exam period (12/8 - 12/18, exams due at 5 p.m. on 12/18)

Standard Final Exam Schedule

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Time Number Course Professor Location
08:30 am LWBC-530 01A Corporate Finance Barry
08:30 am LWTE-530 01A Federal Estate & Gift Taxation M. Fleischer
08:30 am LWIC-536 01 International Civil Litigation Heiser
01:30 pm LWGC-525 01 Insurance Law Kelly
01:30 pm LWAA-580 01A Professional Responsibility D. McGowan
06:00 pm LWBC-545 01E Corporations Lee
06:00 pm LWBC-577 01E Real Estate Transactions Horning

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Time Number Course Professor Location
08:30 am LWTE-545 01 Partnership Tax Abrams
08:30 am LWAA-590 01A Tax I Abrams
01:30 pm LWBC-570 01A Mergers and Acquisitions T. Smith
01:30 pm LWLP-570 01A Remedies Schwarzschild
01:30 pm LWBC-594 01A UCC Secured Transactions Lawrence
06:00 pm LWTE-535 01 Federal Tax Procedure Gidlund/Crosby
06:00 pm LWAA-590 01E Tax I Barry

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Time Number Course Professor Location
08:30 am LWAA-510 01A Civil Procedure Sohoni
08:30 am LWAA-510 01B Civil Procedure Heiser
08:30 am LWAA-510 01C Civil Procedure Martin
01:30 pm LWCR-520 01A Criminal Procedure I Dripps
06:00 pm LWCR-520 01E Criminal Procedure I Huffman
06:00 pm LWBC-555 01E Finance and Accounting for Lawyers Brinig
06:00 pm LWIC-575 01E Public International Law Schwarzschild

Friday, December 11, 2015

Time Number Course Professor Location
08:30 am LWFC-520 01A Child Rights and Remedies Fellmeth
08:30 am LWPP-525 01A Constitutional Law II Alexander
08:30 am LWGC-590 01 Trusts and Estates Hirsch
01:30 pm LWBC-510 01A Bankruptcy Giacinti
01:30 pm LWTE-539 01A International Taxation Lilly
01:30 pm LWLP-545 01 Labor Law Paul

Monday, December 14, 2015

Time Number Course Professor Location
08:30 am LWTE-575 01A Taxation of Property Transactions Jelsma
08:30 am LWAA-540 01B Torts M. McGowan
08:30 am LWAA-540 01A Torts S. Smith
08:30 am LWAA-540 01C Torts Ursin
01:30 pm LWPP-510 01A Administrative Law Rappaport
01:30 pm LWPP-520 01 Discrimination Law and Diversity Brooks
01:30 pm LWLP-529 01B Evidence Ramirez
01:30 pm LWIP-580 01A Trademark Law L. Ramsey
06:00 pm LWAA-580 01E Professional Responsibility Brennan
06:00 pm LWAA-540 01E Torts Wonnell

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Time Number Course Professor Location
08:30 am LWLP-529 01A Evidence Devitt
08:30 am LWIP-560 01 Tech Transfers Legal Practice Eisner
08:30 am LWBC-592 01A UCC Sales and Leases of Goods Lawrence
01:30 pm LWPP-565 01A Legislation Sohoni
06:00 pm LWAA-550 01E Civil Procedure Henning
06:00 pm LWTE-560 01E Corporate Tax Abrams/Pampel
06:00 pm LWEV-520 01 Environmental Law Duane

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Time Number Course Professor Location
08:30 am LWBC-545 01A Corporations Partnoy
08:30 am LWIP-550 01A Intellectual Property Survey L. Ramsey
08:30 am LWLP-560 01A Negotiation Relyea
06:00 pm LWPP-540 01E Energy Law and Policy Downey
06:00 pm LWTE-574 01 Tax Practices and Penalties Shamoun

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Time Number Course Professor Location
08:30 am LWAA-525 01A Criminal Law Alexander
08:30 am LWAA-525 01B Criminal Law Lee
08:30 am LWAA-525 01C Criminal Law Fox
01:30 pm LWCR-530 01A Death Penalty Cotsirilos
01:30 pm LWPP-537 01A Employment Law Lobel
01:30 pm LWBC-579 01 Securities Litigation Partnoy/Schulman
06:00 pm LWFC-554 01 Community Property Lilly
06:00 pm LWAA-525 01E Criminal Law Cole

Friday, December 18, 2015

Time Number Course Professor Location
08:30 am LWIC-537 01A International Contracts Lazerow
08:30 am LWTE-562 01 Non-Profit Law M. Fleischer
08:30 am LWPP-570 Public Interest Law and Practice Fellmeth


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