Non-USD Course Credit

Course Credit from Another School

Students who wish to attend another law school for a summer session or for any portion of an academic year must obtain permission from the assistant dean for student affairs and have the proposed courses pre-approved in writing in order for the credit to be transferred back to the USD School of Law.

Students who wish to obtain law school credit for non-law graduate school courses, you must obtain written approval in advance from the assistant dean. This is done by submitting a statement to the assistant dean outlining how the proposed course contributes significantly to your legal education, how you plan to integrate the course with your legal education and how the course satisfies the other requirements set forth in the academic rules.

In addition, students must write a paper (this can be done within the context of the course itself) interrelating the subject matter of the course with the law. A copy of this paper must be submitted to the assistant dean by the last day of law school classes for the semester in which the course is taken. (Please note: Only six credits of graduate school work can be approved for transfer.) The credits must be forwarded to the Records Office on an official transcript in order to be accepted and recorded on a student's USD School of Law transcript.

Visiting at Another Law School

Students must generally complete their last year at the School of Law in order to receive a USD degree. However, the dean may permit a student to take no more than 30 credits at another ABA accredited law school for “good cause.” The academic rules interpret “good cause” to include a spouse with a job in another city, the serious illness of a close family member which would require the student’s presence and care or, for a part-time student, a job transfer. Placement opportunities, desire to save money or relocation of a boyfriend or girlfriend will not constitute “good cause.” These rules are strictly enforced.

Students who are permitted to visit at another law school must have their course of study pre-approved by the dean. Credit will only be given for graded classes in which the student receives at least a “C” (JD students) or “B” (LLM students) or a grade equal to the minimum average required by the other school for graduation, whichever is higher.

Visiting Students

A visiting student from another ABA-accredited law school may be permitted to enroll for courses at the School of Law, but is not a candidate for obtaining a degree from this school. Instead, visiting students may apply the credits they earn from the School of Law toward a degree to be received from their home school. The principal criteria for determining eligibility are a student’s law school grade point average and class standing at the visiting student’s law school. Visiting students may not get their first choice in class selection as priority consideration is given to current USD law students. Contact the Admissions Office for more information.

Transfer Students

Applicants who have completed at least one full year at another ABA accredited law school and have the equivalent entrance requirements may be considered for admission with advanced standing. Work completed is evaluated and credited toward graduation requirements as determined by the dean. Credit will not be given for any course with less than a “C” grade. Transfer credits in excess of 30 credits will not be given.

The two principal criteria for transfer students are the availability of space and the prospective student’s previous law school record. Specifically, transfer students should have at least a “B” average and be within the top quartile of their class. The student’s LSAT and undergraduate GPA are considered, but they are not as important as previous law school work. Transfer students may not get their first choice in class selection in the first semester they transfer as priority consideration is given to current USD law students. Contact the Admissions Office for more information.

Transferring to Another Law School

Students who have completed their first year and wish to apply to transfer to another law school can request a Letter of Good Standing from the assistant dean and an official transcript from the Records Office to be forwarded to that school.


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