Jessica Wallach '16 (JD)

Jessica Wallach on campus at USD

Don’t freak out. Ask questions.

"I found that consulting my professors and classmates and breaking the material into manageable portions made it much easier for me to get a handle on the material."

Legal interests: Civil litigation and securities litigation.
Bachelor's degree: BA in Political Science, University of California, San Diego.
Hometown: Santa Cruz, Calif.
Dream job: Travel journalist.

  1. Q: When did you decide to pursue a law degree?
    A: This probably sounds a little cliché, but I started watching crime shows with my dad when I was in fourth grade. Law captured my interest at an early age and the law classes I took during my undergraduate study solidified my decision to go to law school.  
  2. Q: Why did you choose USD School of Law?
    A: I attended undergrad at UCSD. Once you get to San Diego, it’s hard to leave.
  3. Q: What is some of your previous professional experience? How did that experience help you decide to go to law school?
    A: I worked in marketing for several years throughout my undergraduate career. It helped me realize that I didn’t want to do marketing. I enjoy the fast-paced environment of the legal world, as well as the challenge and creativity involved in law. 
  4. Q: Did you have to make any changes to your personal life to attend law school?
    A: I had to get really good at time management, really fast. The transition from my senior undergraduate year and my 1L year was difficult, and I really had to commit to learning the material on my own outside of class. 
  5. Q: What advice would you give to a prospective student? What would you do differently if you had the chance?
    A: Don’t freak out. Ask questions when you have them. I found that consulting my professors and classmates and breaking the material into manageable portions made it much easier for me to get a handle on the material.  
  6. Q: What activities do you participate in at USD School of Law?
    A: I am a part of Law Review. This past year, I worked as a research assistant for Professor Fox, and I interned at the Civil division of the US Attorneys Office in Fall. I will be a summer associate in the civil litigation department at Cooley, LLP, in summer, and I will be clerking for a Judge for the Superior Court in the fall. I will also be working on an independent research project with Judge Sammartino on the Judicial History of the Southern District. 
  7. Q: What is the best thing that has happened to you here at law school?
    A: The best thing that has happened to me since coming to USD is all of the amazing people that have become my close friends. Law school is a very unique experience and I think that has bonded us in a pretty unique way. I have made some lifelong friends here and I am very thankful for that. 
  8. Q: How was the admissions process to USD School of Law? Was it more or less involved than you anticipated?
    A: The admissions process went smoothly for me and was pretty much as expected. Anytime I had a question, the Office of Admissions responded almost immediately which made managing the stress of the application process much easier.