Research and Writing

Skills for the Practice of Law

Research Programs and Resources

Students will find a variety of library services both online and in print to complete academic research and written work requirements.

  • Research Trainings offered throughout the year, prepare students for finding legal information in a variety of settings.
  • The Legal Tech Talk Series exposes students to technology affecting the legal profession.
  • Certificate of accomplishment in Legal Research: this award program provides law students with additional training in legal research skills and supplements the current research instruction provided as part of the Legal Writing and Research courses. Beginning Fall 2014.
  • The Research Assistant Program is available after a student's first year of law school.
  • Research Guides help students begin the initial search in a new jurisdiction or subject area of law.
  • Journal Preemption: USD Research Guide—Helpful guide prior to starting your research paper or journal article.

Writing Programs and Resources

The Legal Writing and Research Program instructs two mandatory first year classes: Legal Writing and Research I, which the students take in the fall, and Legal Writing and Research II, which the students take in the spring. The Legal Writing faculty also hosts auxiliary seminars throughout the year to assist students with other issues related to legal writing in practice, such as legal writing in a clerkship setting, professional email communication, and motion writing.


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