LRC Printing

Printing at USD

Printers are available in the LRC and Serra Hall computing labs as well as various locations across campus.  In order to print, you must have campus cash loaded on your Torero card. To learn more about campus cash and how to add money to your account, visit Campus Cash Services.

You do not need to be physically at a lab to send a document to the library printers, but you must visit the lab to print out your material within 48 hours or it will be removed from the print queue.

Remote Printing Steps:

  1. Register your mysandiego login at the LRC computer lab to initially set up your access to the print system.  You register by scanning your Torero card at one of the print release stations in the lab.
  2. Send the file you want printed in an email from your torero email address.  Attachments are limited to 25MB file size.
  3. Scan your Torero card at the computer lab printers to pay and pick-up your black & white materials. For color print jobs, scan your Torero card at a copier room.  Copier rooms are located next to the Circulation desk, in the California room and in the upstairs Reading Room.


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