David De Haan's new paper

"Every day, one peer-reviewed paper is selected from all ACS journals by its editors to be made freely available to all."

On Jan. 26, David De Haan's new paper in Environmental Science & Technology, "Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation on Simulated Secondary Organic Aerosol," was chosen for this honor.

This paper, written with Gregg Schill and Maggie Tolbert from the University of Colorado, Boulder, describes Raman microscopy measurements of aldehyde - amine reaction products in simulated clouds. These organics are found to be glassy solids rather than liquids over a wide range of relative humidities, but surprisingly poor at seeding ice crystals, a climactically important but still mysterious process in high altitude clouds."

The paper can be accessed at http://pubs.acs.org/editorschoice/


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