Justice Richard Goldstone, IPJ International Council Member, Pays Tribute to Mandela

Richard Goldstone was a justice on the Constitutional Court of South Africa from 1994 to 2003. As a member of the IPJ's International Council, he wrote the following on the occasion of Nelson Mandela's passing:

People around the world are mourning the passing of one of its greatest heroes, Nelson Mandela. His great achievement was to guide his own country, South Africa, to freedom and democracy. That appeared to be an impossible task after the oppression of the black majority for over three centuries: Would the white minority be prepared to hand power to the black majority who might seek revenge for their deep suffering? It was Mandela’s unique combination of dignity, warmth of personality and integrity that convinced the white leaders to walk with him into a new free South Africa. While we mourn his passing we rejoice in the example he has set for all people in the world. I hope and pray that his example will inspire other people in our troubled world to seek peace and harmony.



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