Make Your Office Space More Productive and Fun -- Call it a more communal office space.

The rise of the entrepreneur class and self-employment, along with the let-it-all hang-out vibe of tech giants like Google, are changing the ways in which we work and today's office space.

Smaller spaces, open floor plans and workplace flexibility are altering the way our offices look, even while aiming to increase employee productivity.

... And it doesn’t stop at the restroom door. Norm Miller, a professor of real estate at the University of San Diego, says one company he visited has its head of innovation act as a social director in the break room, introducing strangers so they can start conversations that may lead to new products, services and greater productivity. The room is set up like a café, with tall tables and good coffee.

“They said it was the most innovative location in the building,” Miller says. “The idea now is not only to share space but to create more collaborative rooms so people can be productive.” (Full Story)


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