Students Unite Against Bullying with Green Laces

Los Altos Town Crier -- St. Francis High School students adorned their backpacks and wrists with neon green laces this year, embracing a novel way to unite against bullying.

Seniors spoke to freshman religion classes in May, introducing the message “Lace Up Stand Up.” Lace Up Stand Up is an organization aimed at empowering students to combat bullying. The group uses the green laces to promote awareness and to let others know that whoever is wearing them will stand up for bullied victims. Leaders teach students techniques they can use if they ever witness others being bullied.

“We want you to be that person who does the right thing,” said senior Brianna Miller to a class of freshmen.

St. Francis alumni Kyle Miller and Chris Barrett, who graduated in 2010, founded Lace Up Stand Up. Now students at the University of San Diego, Miller and Barrett wanted to teach bystanders what to say and how to say it when witnessing someone being bullied. (Full Story


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