Children need toys that get them running around

The following op-ed article was written for Dr. Susannah Stern's Children and the Media class (COMM 482), and published by the Contra Costa Times.

Children need toys that get them running around
by Joey York

If you watch the CrossFit Games on ESPN2 in July, you may be surprised to encounter a toy commercial. WOD Toys will advertise its line of mini Crossfit products that help promote a healthy and fit lifestyle. The company has the right idea.

Major toy companies should follow suit. When you watch a toy commercial, what kinds of toys do you generally see? Toys that promote a physically active lifestyle for children? No. Most TV-advertised toys require no form of physical activity. For example, dolls, action figures, Legos, silly putty, board games, and castles all remain stationary. Some will argue that these toys spark children's creative and critical-thinking juices. I agree. However, children sit on the floor with those kinds of toys doing the same thing over and over. I see my 5-year-old niece doing this for hours as she plays with her princesses. (Full Article)


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