Katharine Olsen - 2013 Excellence in Research or Creative Work Awardee

Katharine Olsen - 2013 Excellence in Research or Creative Work Awardee

The Award of Excellence in Research or Creative Work is given to a communication studies student who has demonstrated excellence in an independent research project or a creative work.

The 2013 award goes to Katharine Olsen for her honors thesis titled: “Amanda Knox Around the World: A Frame Analysis.”

Amanda Knox, a University of Washington student living and learning in Perugia, Italy has been the subject of a constant stream of international media attention since Knox’s British roommate, Meredith Kercher, was brutally murdered in November 2007. In this project, media coverage of Amanda Knox’s case during the month immediately following Kercher’s death will be examined, using all news articles from that time period in the Italian Corriere della Sera, the British Times of London, and the American Seattle Times. This research project will utilize frame analysis to determine the differences in coverage of Amanda Knox’s case. Media framing goes beyond agenda-setting in that it invites audience members to apply information and ideas in particular ways. Knox’s case may be a perfect example of not only agenda-setting, but, framing that may permeate the audience’s perceptions.


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