USD Faculty Woman of Impact: Lisa Nunn

INSIDE USD--Lisa Nunn, quite simply, cares.

An assistant professor of sociology at the University of San Diego for three-plus years, Nunn’s acceptance of a faculty job opening in the department did more than fill a void, it brought to campus someone who complements the passion and energy of her students.

“I’m enamored with the students, they’re really great, really engaged, really social justice-oriented,” Nunn said. “They want to learn about the problems facing the American education system, make changes as they prepare to move into the world and make it better. They want to get their hands dirty. They’re tutoring and volunteering in the local schools, not just reading the textbook and taking tests. They put the information they’ve learned to work and improve people’s lives. Their spirit of engagement at the community level is so inspiring to me.”(Full Story)


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