Graduate and International Programs

Graduate and International Programs is dedicated to providing graduate legal education for students and attorneys through a variety of degree programs, as well as international opportunities for students interested in semester or summer study abroad programs.

Law school graduates seeking additional education to stand out in the marketplace can work with Graduate and International Programs to obtain an LLM degree in Business and Corporate Law, International Law, Taxation, or a General LLM with a Concentration in Criminal, Environmental and Energy, Intellectual Property, or Labor and Employment Law. International attorneys and law school graduates can gain a comprehensive background in U.S. law by completing the LLM in Comparative Law, which also offers opportunity to specialize with several optional concentrations. Non-attorneys whose work intersects with the law can gain cross-disciplinary education in the MS in Legal Studies degree program.

For interested JD and LLM students, Graduate and International Programs also administers Summer Study Abroad programs in Paris and London. In addition, semester-long study abroad opportunities for JD students are available in a variety of dynamic locations worldwide.



Student Bar Association (SBA): General Meeting

12 p.m. – 12:50 p.m.
Warren Hall 131


Student Refrigerators and Freezers Cleaning

6 p.m.
Warren Hall Student Lounge


Student Refrigerators and Freezers Cleaning

6 p.m.
Warren Hall Student Lounge

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