Award Letter Policies and Regulations

A. Regarding This Offer of Financial Assistance:

This Offer is based on the reported financial information you submitted at the time you applied for aid. The student estimated expenses used in the budget are based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, criteria from the California Student Aid Commission and cost estimates from the San Diego area. It is your responsibility to inform the Financial Aid Office if the status, as reported by you, changes
during the academic year for which you are accepting financial assistance.

B. You Must Inform the Financial Aid Office If:

  1. Changes in your unit load: If you do not enroll for the number of units indicated on this Office of Financial Assistance, you may not be permitted to complete your registration and/or your aid offered may be reduced or cancelled. You must take at least six (6) units in order to receive aid for living expenses. 
  2. Change of martial status and/or financial circumstances: If your financial information or status changes since you filed your application, a revision to your award may be necessary.
  3. Leave of absence or withdrawal: If you withdraw or take a leave of absence before the end of a semester, your award will be adjusted in accordance with the University of San Diego’s and the federal government’s refund policies.
  4. Increase in resources: If you receive additional resources, including outside scholarships of $100 or more, your financial aid eligibility may be adjusted in accordance with federal and/or state regulations.
  5. Declination of offer: If you wish to decline a particular aid type offered on this award and prefer that eligibility be transferred to another program, you must submit a written request.

C. General Conditions of Financial Assistance:

  1. USD School of Law reserves the right to revise this Financial Aid Offer. Modification to this offer may be required by reductions or elimination in state, federal or institutional funding; corrections or changes in the data reported; receipt of additional resources; unintended errors; changes in unit load or other eligibility criteria.
  2. The alternative/private loan awards are guideline amounts based on program criteria, credit worthiness, and lender established loan limits. You should take a conservative approach to student borrowing, and borrow only the amount you need to meet your personal educational expenses. You are not required to borrow the entire amount outlined on this offer through the student loan programs.
  3. Some financial aid programs are conveniently credited against your student account with USD, while other types require you to negotiate checks made in your name. Private student loan funds disbursed through electronic funds transfer(EFT) will automatically be credited to your student account. Paper checks must be signed at the Student Accounts Office to complete registration and pay tuition charges. Federal Carl Perkins and Tuition Credit Loans must be negotiated at the Loan Administration Office.
  4. College Work Study Opportunity is paid directly to you as it is earned, and cannot be used to deter your tuition charges. A separate employment contract is required and must be obtained from the Financial Aid Office before you locate and begin employment. Failure to have College Work Study/Opportunity paperwork approved and processed by the Financial Aid Office may result in cancellation of the award or non-payment of work performed. If you wish to activate or decline the College Work Study/Opportunity Offer you must notify the Financial Aid Office of your decision in writing.
  5. Regardless of the amount of financial aid you accept, you are expected to bring a certain amount of cash to defray immediately expenses such as books, supplies, and personal necessities at the beginning of each semester.
  6. If you fail to MAINTAIN SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS towards your degree, your financial aid including scholarships may be reduced or cancelled. Satisfactory progress is defined in the School of Law Student Handbook.
  7. You MUST RE-APPLY for financial aid each academic year. The FAFSA priority filing date for USD School of Law students is March 1.
  8. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with all policies and procedures governing your Financial Aid Assistance as outlined in the School of Law Financial Aid documents and publications including the Student Financial Aid Handbook.


Financial Aid
Warren Hall, Room 203
Phone: (619) 260-4570
Fax: (619) 260-2218


M, T, Th, F: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
W: 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.