Entrance Loan Counseling

Students who are first-time borrowers at USD School of Law under the Federal Graduate Plus Loan, Federal Direct Loan & Perkins Loan programs must complete an Online Loan Entrance Counseling Session. These counseling sessions will allow students the opportunity to review debt management strategies, borrowing limits and disbursement procedures, and to inform the borrower of their rights and responsibilities.

If you are receiving Federal Direct, Graduate Plus or private loans at USD, you must complete an Online Loan Entrance Counseling Session before any student loan check can be negotiated or applied to your student account, even if the funds are received by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Failure to satisfy the Loan Entrance Counseling requirement in a timely manner may cause your loan funds to be returned to the lender. Therefore, do this as soon as possible. EFT disbursements must be applied to the student's account within three (3) days of receipt of funds.

Online Loan Entrance Counseling Session Instructions

  1. Go to StudentLoans.gov .
  2. Log in using your federal pin number.
  3. Complete the 30-minute Loan Entrance Counseling.
  4. After you have completed, we will automatically receive confirmation.


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