Building Services

Custodial Service

Warren Hall

The third-party vendor custodial staff is supervised by in house Lead Custodian and tasked with daily cleanings of Warren Hall and immediate clean up needs.

For any issues relating to custodial needs, contact the Lead Custodian.

Barcelona, Guadalupe, LRC

Custodial needs for Barcelona 3rd Floor, Guadalupe Hall, and Pardee Legal Research Center are handled by General Service in Facilities Management. 

Facility Issues

Barcelona, Guadalupe, LRC, Warren Hall

The Administrative Services Manager (ASM) handles maintenance and repairs matters for Law School facilities.  The ASM also handles new key or key replacement requests; furniture moves requests; and equipment requests.

Important Contact Information

If an issue is related to custodial needs, event set-ups/reallocation of event furniture please feel free to contact Lead Custodian at (619) 318-8878. If after 4 p.m. and immediate attention is needed please contact (858) 220-4742

If an issue is related to a facility need or repair please contact Administrative Service Manager at ext. 4586. If after 5 p.m. and needs immediate attention, contact Public Safety at ext. 7777.  

If there is a life threatening or other emergency situation please contact Public Safety at ext. 2222. If non-emergency situation requiring Public Safety assistance contact ext. 7777

  • Lead Custodian
    (619) 318-8878
  • Custodial Staff (After 3 p.m.)
    (619) 254-4298
  • Public Safety (Emergency)
    (619) 260-2222 or ext. 2222
  • Public Safety (Non- Emergency)
    (619) 260-7777 or ext. 7777


Finance and Administration
Warren Hall, Room 103a
Administrative Services Manager
Phone: (619) 260-4586