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  • You Don't Own Me: HOW MATTEL V. MGA ENTERTAINMENT EXPOSED BARBIE'S DARK SIDE (W.W. Norton and Company, forthcoming 2017)
  • Talent Wants to Be Free: Why We Should Learn to Love Leaks, Raids, and Free-Riding (Yale University Press, 2013)
  • Encyclopedia of Labor and Employment Law and Economics (Dau-Schmidt, and Harris, eds.) (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2009)
  • Employment and Labour Law (Ethics Press, 1998)

Chapters of Books or Articles within Books

  • “Coase & the Platform Economy” in Sharing Economy Handbook (Cambridge University Press, 2017)
  • “Behavioral Approaches to the Study of Law” in Rethinking Legal Scholarship: A Transatlantic Interchange (Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz, Ed Rubin, and Rob van Gestel, eds.) (Oxford University Press, 2016)
  • “Behavioral Tradeoffs” in Nudge and the Law (with Feldman) (Alemanno, and Sibony , eds.) (Hart Publishing, 2015)
  • Employment Law and Economics” in Law and Economics (with Feldman, and Lurie) (Procaccia, ed.) (2012)
  • New Governance as Regulatory Governance” in The Oxford Handbook of Governance (Levi-Four, ed.) (2012)
  • Systems of Employee Representation: The US Report” in Employment Representation Systems Around the World (with Lofaso) (Kluwer Academic Press, 2012)
  • “Whistleblowers and Social Enforcement” in Explaining Regulatory Compliance (with Feldman) (Nielsen, and Parker, eds.) (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2011)
  • Crowd Out or Ratcheting Up?: Fair Trade Systems, Regulation, and New Governance” in Fair Trade, Corporate Accountability and Beyond: Experiments in Globalizing Justice (Macdonald, ed.) (Ashgate Publishing, 2009)
  • Intellectual Property and Restrictive Covenants” in Elgar Encyclopedia of Employment Law and Economics (Dau-Schmidt, Harris, and Lobel, eds.) (2009)
  • National Regulation in Global Economy: New Governance Approaches to 21st Century Work Law” in Elgar Encyclopedia of Employment Law and Economics (Dau-Schmidt, Harris, and Lobel, eds.) (2009)
  • “Form and Substance in Labour Market Policies” in The Intersection of Rights and Regulation: New Directions in Sociolegal Scholarship (Morgan, ed.) (Ashgate Publishing, 2007)
  • Rethinking Traditional Alignments: Privatization and Participatory Citizenship” in Progressive Lawyering, Globalization and Markets: Rethinking Ideology and Strategy (Clare Dalton, ed.) (2007)
  • “Governing Occupational Safety in the United States” in New Governance and Constitutionalism in Europe and the United States (De Burca, and Scott, eds.) (Hart Publishing, 2006)
  • “Making Consumption Decisions By Following Personal Rules” in Inside Consumption: Frontiers of Research on Consumer Motives, Goals, and Desires (with Amir, and Ariely) (Ratneshwar, and Mick, eds.) (Routledge Press, 2006)
  • “Orchestrated Experimentalism in the Regulation of Work” in Employment Discrimination Law: Cases, Problems and Critical Perspectives (McDonald, Ravitch, and Sumners, eds.) (Prentice Hall, 2005)
  • “Between Individualism and Solidarity: Collective Efforts for Social Reform in the Heterogeneous Workplace” in Research in the Sociology of Work (Keister, ed.) (2004)

Journal Articles

Other Print and Electronic Media

  • Why California Is Such a Talent Magnet Harvard Business Review (January 19, 2016)
  • Why California is Such a Talent Magnet Harvard Business Review (January 2016)
  • High Tech Hubs & Post-Employment Restrictions: Hawaii Joins California in its Ban of Non-Competes (August 2015)
  • Don't Let the Law Undermine Employee Incentives Harvard Business Review (with Bessen) (October 2014)
  • Suppressing Mobility Suppresses Innovation The New York Times (June 11, 2014)
  • My Ideas, My Boss's Property The New York Times (April 14, 2014)
  • Understanding the Copyright Wars: Aereo, Google, and GoldieBlox Harvard Business Review (February 2014)
  • Compensation Should be Guided by Merit The Wall Street Journal (January 23, 2014)
  • Why Noncompetes May Give You the Least Desirable Employees The Wall Street Journal (January 22, 2014)
  • Aereo Isn't Illegal Just Because It Threatens Broadcasters Harvard Business Review (2014)
  • Stop Trying to Control How Ex-Employees Use Their Knowledge Harvard Business Review (with Bessen) (2014)
  • Use Internships to Enhance Your Company's Footprint The Wall Street Journal (2014)
  • America's Hypocritical Approach to Economic Espionage Fortune (September 24, 2013)
  • The Benefits of Talent Mobility Businessweek (September 16, 2013)
  • Aggressive Talent Wars are Good for Cities Harvard Business Review (2013)
  • Filing for a Patent Versus Keeping Your Invention a Trade Secret Harvard Business Review (2013)

Presentations and Conferences

  • at Gruter Institute Annual Conference (May 2017)
  • at Platform Law Conference at UC Berkeley Law School (April 2017)
  • "Regulation of Internet Platforms" as presenter at Berkeley Center for Law & Technology Symposium (April 2017)
  • "The Art of the IP Deal" (April 2017)
  • Presenter at Implementing and Evaluating the Defend Trade Secrets Act at University of Missouri Law School (March 10, 2017)
  • Chair, moderator, and panelist at 17th Annual Women and the Law Conference at Thomas Jefferson School of Law (February 2017)
  • "Inauguration Conference of Center on Disability Law" at Loyola Law School (January 2017)
  • "The Sharing Economy" at Grand Bibliotheque du Quebec (January 2017)
  • "Workshop on Regulating the Sharing Economy " at Université de Sherbrooke - Campus de Longueuil (January 2017)
  • at Annual Meeting of Labor Law Group at UCLA Faculty Center (December 2016)
  • at Fischman Anniversary Conference at Waldorf Astoria Hotel (November 2016)
  • "Faculty Workshop" at The Law of the Platform at Fordham University School of Law (September 2016)
  • Presenter at Gruter Institute Annual Conference (May 2016)
  • "BYOD to Work Implications for Human Capital Law" at Employment Law and Technology Conference at Hostra University (May 2016)
  • "Talent Wants to Be Free" at EDC's Economic Development Committee (May 2016)
  • "Faculty Workshop" as participant at Georgetown (April 2016)
  • Presenter at Annual Pemberton Lecture at 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Courthouse (February 2016)
  • "Faculty Workshop" as participant at Southern Methodist University (February 2016)
  • "Faculty Workshop" as participant at Brigham Young University (February 2016)
  • "Faculty Scholarship" as participant at UC Irvine School of Law (January 2016)
  • "Faculty Workshop" as participant at UC Davis (2016)
  • "Faculty Workshop" at University of Michigan Law School (October 2015)
  • "Talent Summit" as participant (October 2015)
  • "Business Law Forum" as participant at Lewis and Clark College (September 2015)
  • "Faculty Workshop" as participant at University of Iowa College of Law (September 2015)
  • "IP Notice" as participant at Boston Law Review Symposium (September 2015)
  • "Understanding the Effect of Regulation on Innovation" as presenter at George Washington University (March 2015)
  • Participant at Faculty Workshop at University of California, Berkeley (February 2015)
  • "Regulation and Innovation: The Law of the Platform" as presenter at Innovation Beyond IP at Yale University (2015)
  • Participant at Faculty Workshop at Brigham Young University (November 2014)
  • "Human Capital Law" as presenter at Seoul National University at Samsung Town (November 2014)
  • "If talent wants to be free, who wins the race for talent?" as presenter at The Knowledge Summit at Harvard Club of New York (November 2014)
  • Participant at Faculty Workshop at Cardozo University (October 2014)
  • Participant at Faculty Workshop at University of Southern California (October 2014)
  • Participant at Book Talk at University of British Columbia (September 2014)
  • "Start-ups and IP" as presenter at University of Tokyo (September 2014)
  • "Intellectual Property and The Courts" as presenter at Law and Society Association (June 2014)
  • Participant at Faculty Workshop at Notre Dame Law School (April 2014)
  • "Innovation Motivation" as presenter (April 2014)
  • "Talent Wants to Be Free" as presenter at New York University School of Law (April 2014)
  • "Behavioral Economics and Policy" as presenter at European University Institute (March 2014)
  • "The New Cognitive Property" as presenter at Yale Law School (March 2014)
  • Participant at Faculty Workshop at Thomas Jefferson School of Law (February 2014)
  • Participant at Faculty Workshop at University of Nevada School of Law (February 2014)


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